thinc Career – thinc Nepal

ThincCareer – ThincNepal is a Social Initiative of Siddharthinc to help Nepali youth find and shape their career-path within Nepal so as to help Nepali society benefit from the energy and innovation of its most precious resource. Siddharthinc recognizes that the lack of professional and honest intermediation between the youth, on the one hand, and the employers and agencies that want to support the youth, on the other, restricts opportunities. Siddharthinc partners with colleges/ training institutions/agencies to reach-out to the young talents of Nepal who are struggling to find a foot-hold in their own country. Following a selection process, Siddharthinc identifies Nepal’s top talents who are then exclusively invited to participate in a 5-day Face-to-Face Interactive Learning Program developed by Siddharthinc.

After analyzing the talent quotient of the youth undergoing the on-line tool and face-to-face, Siddharthinc prepares a Quarterly Ready Reference of top Nepali young-talents to distribute to potential employers and investors.

Thinc Career – Thinc Nepal Social Initiative is built with the intent to help society create win-win situations. Therefore, partnerships are key to the success of this social initiative. The partnership does not entail any cost to the partner either at the time of partnering or in the future.

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