What is Siddharthinc?

Siddhartha Connecting Inc. Pvt. Ltd. (Siddharthinc) is an organisation that works to build a sustainable future.

It is committed to unlocking the power of markets in fair and equitable ways for the benefit of society as a whole and to enabling low carbon growth. It compliments its intellectual work with advocacy.

The organisation is based in Kathmandu, Nepal.

How does it deliver?

It brings together national and international experts to set the agenda and design solutions for sustainable growth. It delivers services to and builds partnerships with the Private Sector, Government, Development Organisations and Non-profits.

How does it ensure its effectiveness?

It measures its impact and publishes it annually as part of its self-imposed accountability standards.

What kind of organisation is it?

It is a for-profit organisation registered in Nepal. It intends to make profit-with-a-purpose. The financial surplus of this organisation allows its investing partners to volunteer at least one third of their time pro-bono to support other agencies and individuals working towards the same goal.