Climate Change

The impact of man-made climate change is being seen across Nepal and disproportionately affects the most vulnerable communities. As knowledge of the causes and effects of climate change increases it is necessary to help communities and businesses adapt to a changing climate and where possible mitigate the effects. Siddharthinc has helped establish the agenda by:

  • Developing a rating tool to identify risks to investment performance arising from sustainability and climate change vulnerabilities and selection of improvement options for properties held in a fund with a total value in excess of £1bn.
  • Reviewing climate change related policy and initiatives in Nepal for DFID.
  • Designing and promoting the climate smart celebrity trek along the entire length of the GHT in 2011. The trek was led by the legendary Apa Sherpa, with the active involvement of the President and Prime Minister of Nepal.
  • Coordinating the “Kathmandu to Copenhagen” conference in Nepal with all SAARC ministerial delegations to prepare for COP in 2009 with the World Bank and the Government of Nepal.
  • Being part of the WWF–Nepal team that developed the ‘Climate for Life’ campaign.
  • Founding Himalayan Climate Initiative (HCI) and the Climate Alliance of Himalayan Communities (CAHC).