Preserving physical and social heritage can build stronger communities. Siddharthinc has helped to preserve Nepal’s unique heritage by:

  • Designing and implementing the World Bank’s pro-poor urban regeneration project for the ancient city of Patan in the Kathmandu valley. Part of the work involved assessing cultural/religious assets, the market and the local economy of and around these assets and developing a market strategy for them.
  • Organising the public consultations for the restoration of Bandipur town and its religious sites with EU support.
  • Managing the environmental aspects and natural resources/livelihood issues for communities in the Lumbini area with UNESCO, the Lumbini Development Trust and IUCN since 1990.
  • Working on the restoration of numerous religious heritage sites in deprived areas of Kathmandu as a member of the city planning commission.
  • Campaigning to respond to and recover the cultural assets of the Kathmandu valley including wells and water systems as an executive member of the Nepal Heritage Society, with the support of UNESCO.
  • Launching the Heritage passport campaign for the seven World Heritage Sites of the valley.